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How we started

A group of over 25 like-minded non-partisan Indians in Milton Keynes from across Indian states have come together to stage an event which would be unique in its cultural heritage and would also be devoid of any commerce gains. It’s the first Indian events of this scale in Milton Keynes raising above regional affiliations and faith. The event is a tribute to the local community which has accepted the Indian Diaspora as their own. This event is the epitome of Indian hospitality for the local community to enjoy. A non-profit, non-ticketed pageant, the idea of India Day: MK is to generate interest in the various facets of Indian culture through various cultural programs, a unique parade depicting the beauty of India and a host of stalls offering a taste of India.

Who we are

India Day Milton Keynes (IDMK) is a cultural, community-driven, not-for-profit, nonpolitical and non-religious organisation of the Indian Diaspora in Milton Keynes. The aim of IDMK is to showcase the “unity in diversity” of all communities through a cultural event held during the middle of British summer (usually the last weekend of June).

What we do

  • Connect & unite communities leading to a more inclusive society.
  • Promote Indian Cultural diversity through Art, Carnival and Cuisines.
  • Provide platform for youth to learn team building and leadership skills with aim for youth to ultimately organise and lead events.

Vision & Mission

To connect & unite the communities and showcase India’s rich Heritage, Culture and Diversity through Extravaganza of Fun & Frolic Carnival of Excitement, Music, Dance and Food.


  1. To conduct an annual carnival and make it bigger and better every year.
  2. To unite ever growing local communities and promote Indian Music, Art, food and tourism


Inclusivity: ID: MK is devoted to fostering an atmosphere that is friendly and inclusive, which embraces diversity and develops a feeling of belonging for all members of the community.

Respect: ID: MK emphasises mutual respect and understanding among individuals of all backgrounds and supports open communication and idea sharing.
Cross-Cultural Understanding: ID: MK is committed to increasing cultural sensitivity and diversity in its surrounding neighborhood. The mission is to promote cross – cultural understanding and dialogue by uniting people of diverse backgrounds and empowering them to learn from one another.
Community engagement: ID: MK is committed to connecting with the Milton Keynes community and forming meaningful collaborations with other organisations and projects.
Creativity: ID: MK fosters creativity and innovation in its events and programmes and aims to discover new methods to promote Indian culture and history.

Volunteering: Participating in ID: MK events can help you in a variety of ways, including gaining new skills, expanding your network, giving back to the community, and enjoying yourself. It is a gratifying and meaningful approach to improving the lives of others while fostering your own personal and professional development.


ID: MK was founded in Jan 2019 by a group of local Indian professionals who wanted to host a community event to promote their diverse traditions and cultural heritage with others in the region. The debut event, which took place in June 2019, which featured Indian food, music, and dancing. It turned out to be a huge success with 6000+ people attending it and has set a benchmark for the future.

The ID: MK event has expanded in popularity and breadth throughout the years. Currently, the event attracts over 11,000+ guests and offers a variety of activities and entertainment, such as live music and dance performances, traditional Indian cuisine booths, crafts, henna tattoos, and more.

Organisation Chart

Awards & Recognition

MKBAA Award: Celebrating Diversity













On 21st March, 2024, ID:MK won the Celebrating Diversity category at the Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards.
This award is a testament to our community’s dedication to building a truly inclusive Milton Keynes.


Milton Keynes Mayor’s Award: Diversity & Inclusion

Our 2021-22 term chairperson, Mr. Alok Wakhare, has been awarded the prestigious Milton Keynes Mayor’s Award for Diversity & Inclusion 2023! This award recognises Mr. Wakhare’s dedication to preserving culture and heritage in our community.

As the leader of India Day Milton Keynes, Mr. Wakhare and his team have worked tirelessly to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone in the community. His dedication to promoting inclusion and diversity has not gone unnoticed, and the Milton Keynes council has acknowledged his efforts by awarding him this well-deserved honour.



His majesty visit

His Majesty King Charles III

IDMK welcomes His Majesty King Charles

His Majesty King Charles visited Milton Keynes on 16 February 2023 to formally mark our city status.

We are thrilled to announce that India Day Milton Keynes (ID:MK) had the privilege of welcoming His Majesty to the event with three different traditional dance styles, including Bharatanatyam, Mohinyattam, and Kathak.

It was a great honour to show case rich Indian culture to His Majesty. We were humbled by his warmth and kindness.

Picture Credits: Jane Russel

More details – https://www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/news/2023/milton-keynes-welcomes-his-majesty-king



Project Controls Expo

Alok Wakhare and Deepesh Shah

Project Controls Expo 2022 awards, London

IDMK was named as a finalist for the UK Project Controls Social Impact of the Year award at the Project Control Expo 2022.

The awards ceremony took place in London in September 2022, and it was attended by the then Chairperson, Mr. Alok Wakhare, and Secretary, Mr. Deepesh Shah.

More details – https://projectcontrolexpo.com/uk/awards-finalist-2022

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