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Heritage, Extravaganza, Cultural Jamboree, Vibrant Pageant of Fun & Frolic Carnival of Excitement & Music

India. Magical India. Inclusive India. Cohesive India. Vibrant India. Mother India. Where beautiful rivers of cultures from all corners of the country merge together to form the lively, ocean we lovingly call India. An ocean which is vibrant only because of the dynamic, animated and affectionate people who are pulsating with the pride of being Indian.

 Gurudev Rabindrath Tagore has very beautifully immortalised this convergence of the people of the country in the Indian National Anthem –

 Punjab Sindh Gujarat Maratha, Dravid Utkal Bang|
Vindhya Himachal Yamuna Ganga, Ucchal Jaladhi Tarang|


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To leave behind the masks that define the various communities, and collectively bring out the face of being a true Indian, and come together and present the richness, the culture, the heritage, the purity and the ideology that is India. This philosophy which is greater than the sum of all individual cultures and results in one of the richest, tolerant civilisations ever to have manifested on Earth.

Car Parking

Campbell Park lies at the far east end of thecentre:mk, linked to the shopping centre and theatre district by footbridges. From the H6 Child’s Way use Overgate to the park’s south side. From the H5 Portway use Overgate to the park’s north side.

Free car parking is available at the following locations:
Avebury Boulevard, south end, off Glebe roundabout
Silbury Boulevard at roundabout junction with Overgate
Silbury Boulevard off Cricket Green roundabout


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